to live their highest promise.

"Having worked with Kennan Burch for several years, I can attest to his affinity for building great brands. He understands the power of brands and how to achieve the organizational conviction that results in a brand promise that is consistent in its delivery at every point of contact, both internally and externally. He gets brands and how to build them."

Stan Richards
Principal, The Richards Group

"Kennan Burch is a great developer of promotions that drive sales and profits. He understands what motivates consumers and how to execute at a high level."

Kim Lopdrup
President of Red Lobster

"I have known Kennan Burch for over 20 years in a variety of positions and situations. He has always been a man to be admired. He is a SEMINAL THINKER... he is a one-man-think-tank. He is a CREATIVE COMMUNICATOR... an ENERGIZER... a VISIONARY... and has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD... WOULD I RECOMMEND HIM? Absolutely.. for anything except maintaining the status quo!"

Derric Johnson
Creative Consultant to Walt Disney World

I've spent over $1 billion in advertising
and marketing so you won't have to.


Started by Kennan Burch, Brand Catalyst Partners is a brand consulting firm that partners with small to mid-size organizations to create contagious brands. Whether a product or service, all contagious brands are built from a powerful set of branding principles. And Kennan is gifted and qualified to apply those principles to your brand. Kennan has partnered with a number of advisors and agency partners to provide support, advice, and implementation services for contagious brands.


Very simply – a Contagious Brand grows rapidly without a strong need for advertising or marketing. A Contagious Brand occurs when the key elements of the brand are woven together in such a way that the essence of the brand is naturally communicated among its target audience without a strong need for advertising. A Contagious Brand does not happen by accident. They are carefully crafted in the minds of the brand leaders before any investment is made to implement the brand. Kennan is uniquely gifted to facilitate the necessary discussions to get most out of the brand leaders to develop a contagious brand.