BCP creates Inspirational Alignment and Organization Conviction to deliver on your Highest Compelling Truth!

Inspirational Alignment

Is your team inspired and aligned to do something special... something meaningful; something that engages the hearts of your team to get up every morning and passionately pursue the work before them, because they know the work they do is going to make a difference? Work does not have to be boring,  contentious or frustrating.

Organizational Conviction

Is your team committed to having an impact? Do they have a sense of conviction and destiny behind the work they are doing? Are they willing to stand up for the customer, and make sure they deliver the experience that meets and exceeds your customers' expectations? Do they have a strong sense of teamwork and trust in each other to do what is right for your customers? Do they have a unified conviction? Work does not have to be average or mediocre... With organization conviction, work can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Highest Compelling Truth

Beyond the hype, beyond slogans and campaigns, is there a higher truth that guides you - a higher compelling truth? Not everything is true. Among things that are true, not everything is compelling. Of everything that is compelling, not everything is equally compelling. There is only one "highest compelling truth" for any organization. Has your team experienced a unified paradigm shift, so they can see, communicate and embody your highest compelling truth? When teams can embody their highest compelling truth, then they have a chance to do something special, something meaningful... and maybe, just maybe they can change the world to be a better place.

Brand Catalyst Partners was born out of a desire to do something special, something meaningful; a desire to inspire brands (and people) to live their highest compelling truth. Secretly, there is a deep desire to "bring to life brands that change the world."

As Steve Jobs said... "You wanna put a dent in the universe?"....

If so, call Brand Catalyst Partners.

Our Vision

Inspiring brands to live their highest promise.

Consulting Services

  • Contagious Branding Definition Process
  • On-going Brand Consulting and Coaching
  • Brand Touch Point Evaluation
  • Brand Identity Implementation
  • Marketing Plan Development/Coaching
  • Creative Development
  • New Product Ideation
  • Brand Essence Videos