"Having worked with Kennan Burch for several years, I can attest to his affinity for building great brands. He understands the power of brands and how to achieve the organizational conviction that results in a brand promise that is consistent in its delivery at every point of contact, both internally and externally. He gets brands and how to build them."
The Richards Group

Stan Richards
Principal, The Richards Group

NOTE: The Richards Group is known for developing some of the most popular and enduring brands in the US including: Motel 6 – "We’ll leave the light on for you," Chick-fil-a "Eat More Chicken," Home Depot "You Can Do it, We can Help," and many others.
"Kennan Burch is a great developer of promotions that drive sales and profits. He understands what motivates consumers and how to execute at a high level."
Red Lobster

Kim Lopdrup
President of Red Lobster

"During his five months as our interim Chief Marketing Officer, Kennan Burch had a profound impact on our company. We significantly changed our direction and focus because of the branding work we did together as a team. His Contagious Brand Definition Process could be the most important work my leadership team ever did together. Kennan truly is a catalyst and I highly recommend his services to other CEOs who need to clarify their brand definition."
Claim Jumper Restaurants

Robert Ott
CEO, Claim Jumper Restaurants

"In my over 11 years at Darden, I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with dozens of very talented, well educated and seasoned Marketing professionals in our Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Seasons 51, Bahama Breeze and Smokey Bones Brands. I would rate Kennan with the very best, because of his gift for working with people to get the best out of all members of the Team. He is very professional, strategic, a sound thinker, but what really sets Kennan apart is his ability to work between functions to promote collaborative solutions. If you get the opportunity to work with Kennan, you won’t be disappointed."
Darden Restaurants

Bill Herzig
Senior Vice President of Purchasing for Darden Restaurants, Inc.

"I have known Kennan Burch for over 20 years in a variety of positions and situations. He has always been a man to be admired. He is a SEMINAL THINKER… he is a ‘one-man-think-tank.’ He is a CREATIVE COMMUNICATOR… an ENERGIZER… A VISIONARY… and has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD… WOULD I RECOMMEND HIM? Absolutely… for anything except maintaining the status quo!"
Creative Consultant to Walt Disney World

Derric Johnson
Creative Consultant to Walt Disney World

"I am living proof that following Kennan’s advice and his Contagious Branding process can create contagious brands. Kennan has been my marketing mentor for years, and as a result, I now have two contagious brands. Our Laugh All Night comedy programs have experienced explosive growth in the last few years, growing from 1 show in 2001 to over 50 shows in 2007. And, The Family Comedy Minute has grown to over 700 radio stations nation-wide in less than six months since its inception. I recently hired him to help us out with other projects. I would highly recommend his services. His advice has been invaluable."
Laugh All Night

Tim DeTellis
Founder of Laugh All Night & The Family Comedy Minute

"I will never forget congratulating Kennan with a handshake and a huge smile while we watched a standing-room-only crowd fill the auditorium for our annual Heart of a Leader conference. Under Kennan’s visionary marketing leadership, we went from an average attendance of 500 (for five consecutive years), to a packed house of over 1300 attendees. We broke all previous records for attendance, sponsorships, and involvement by business and community leaders. I credit Kennan with having the strategic ideas to create a contagious event. Kennan is definitely a catalyst for creating contagious brands."
Lifework Leadership

Steve French
President of Lifework Leadership

"I have participated with Kennan Burch in three separate branding sessions with three separate clients of mine. In each session I have observed the ‘principals’ come alive as they discovered revelations about their own businesses. Insights that created contagious marketing opportunities that have only begun to pay off. Kennan will be a resource as well as regular part of my team in my work as a Professional Catalyst."
Professional Catalyst

Tim Grosshans
Professional Catalyst